About Dissent of Man:

My concept for this blog is basically to share the things that I find interesting. I intend to avoid merely re-posting simple meme images and the like, since while I do find them entertaining I'd like my posts here to be a bit more thought-out. So even if I am simply passing something along, I hope to be able to contribute something of my own to the discussion.

I'd like to present some topics in the sciences in a way that makes them interesting to folks who aren't science geeks; if people could walk away from my blog having learned something and perhaps being inspired to learn some more, I'd be thrilled. My main areas of interest in the sciences are biology, psychology, anthropology, and astronomy, so expect to read plenty about those topics.

I'd also like to share my thoughts on religion and atheism, and if I could get people to put some more thought into the beliefs they hold than they otherwise might have it'd certainly make me happy. I'm an atheist myself, if you were wondering, but of course it's hard to summarize your worldview in a format such as this--for a better idea of my perspective, look for my posts tagged with the "religion/atheism" label.

Politics will probably crop up from time to time, particularly in relation to the above-mentioned topics. History and linguistics are also fair game.

On the lighter side of things I'm wont to ramble on about my loves of video and board gaming. That may manifest itself in links to new games, reviews of games I've played, or relating particularly entertaining gaming sessions. And I plan to share links to music I enjoy and perhaps some of the interesting or funny things I find in my journeys through the interwebs. I may upload some drawings from time to time, and I'll post new Reginald "comics" when I can.

I'm not filtering the comments before they're posted, but please keep things civil. I'm a fan of free speech, but won't tolerate much hate speech before I've had enough. And obviously spam will be deleted immediately.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy what I've got here. :)

Contact email is dissentofmanblog (at) gmail.