09 February 2011

Another drop in the ocean

So I finally decided I had enough thoughts bouncing through my skull that it might be healthier to shout them into the internet than to keep them bottled up. So I've taken the plunge and gotten me some "Web 2.0" or "blogosphere" and probably some "synergy" while we're prattling off asinine buzz-phrases. I started by writing some blog-ish Notes on Facebook, but I figured with the amount of rambling I'm capable of a proper blog would be a better option. The first few posts here will likely be reposts of those Facebook notes, which is of course ultra-annoying since I'm assuming the only people who'll be reading this thing are folks who are already friends with me on Facebook.

As for further content, I'm thinking it'll be whatever crap is on my mind at the time. So you can likely expect lots in the topics of science (particularly biology), religion & atheism, and board & video games. I'll also probably include some links to things like music that I think is worth listening to and random crap I find on the internet. From time to time I may include some of my drawings of questionable quality and questionable-er sanity. And then of course I'll be bringing Reginald along with me, in the form of the "episodes" I already posted to Facebook and some new ones I have planned.

That's it for now; I'm gonna see what I can do with the layout and then I'll start adding some actual content.

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